Welcome to Mystic Cats…

We invite you to discover our family specialising in Sphinx and mixed Sphinx; the ELF CATS, the BAMBINO SPHINX and the DWELF .
Let us introduce you to the most unique cats the real world has seen...

Located in Montreal (Canada) our family nursery has over 15 years experience and is founded on real passion. The major reason for our breeding is to share our passion and introduce the world to authentic, noble, proud cats with an incredible power of seduction.

Our objective is to breed, not only kittens that meet race standards, but also to breed kittens in good health, without any genetics weaknesses, well balanced and non aggressive.

We wish most of all that our kittens grow up to have a positive and harmonious life and for that reason, we pay specific attention to the type of adoptive family. We also spay and neuter our our kittens before their departure in order to avoid any animal abuse.

As we are conscientious our kittens will leave for their new homes spay and neutered (WITHOUT ANY BREEDING RIGHTS)!!

In order to maintain healthy cats, we do not offer breeding services with our males. (Under very specific circumstances we could accept to work in partnership only)

Our nursery has tested negative to FIV and FELV. We and our partners and are certified T.I.C.A (feline association recognized internationally).

Welcome to our wonderful world!!
Enjoy your visit.



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